Aappam is a traditional south indian recipe.Aappams are bowl-shaped thin pancakes made from fermented rice flour. They derive their shape from the small appa chatti in which they are cooked. Appa chatti is more like a frying pan but not so deep. You can get appa chatti from all the vessel shops for decent price. If you don’t have appa chatti…. No problem. You could try appam in dosa tawa too.



  • Raw rice – 1 cup
  • Idly rice – 1 cup
  • Fenugreek seeds (vendhayam) – 1 tspn
  • Aappa soda (Baking soda – Its optional) – a pinch (Makes the aappam soft)
  • Coconut grated – ¼ cup
  • Salt – as required


Batter Preparation:

  1. Soak Raw rice, Idly rice and Fenugreek seeds (vendhayam) for 5-7 hours.
  2. Grind the Grated coconut first. Then add all the soaked ingredients and grind it nicely. The batter should be liquid. Prepare a consistent batter by adding water now and then while grinding.
  3. Finally add the Salt and leave the batter to ferment. Fermentation makes the batter to rise. Once fermented stir the batter well.

Aappam Preparation:

  1. Heat a pan (aappa chatti). Stir the fermented batter well and pour one ladle of batter into the pan. Hold the two ends of pan and swing it in a circular motion to spread the batter around the pan. If your pan is too heavy to lift, then spread the batter from the top of circular edges of the pan which makes the batter to flow deep down into the pan.
  2. Leave 1 to 2 tspns of oil around the edges of aappam.
  3. Close the lid. Keep it in low heat and leave it for few minutes.
  4. Take out the aappam once it becomes golden brown around the edges and soft at the center.

Serve with Channa masala or Thengai pal or Chutney.

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