How to make Boondi Ladoo Recipe – Diwali Special

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Boondi Ladoo – Diwali Recipes . Find more Diwali Recipes here.


  • Gram flour (Besan)- 2 cups
  • Sugar- 1 cup
  • Cashew nuts – 15
  • Dry grapes – 15
  • Cardamom -4
  • Cloves – 3
  • Water -2 to 3 cup
  • Ghee – 4 spoons
  • Oil – to fry


  1. Batter preparation: Mix Besan flour in 1 or 2 cups Water without any lumps. The batter should be little watery and not so thick.
  2. For frying: Heat 2 spoons of Ghee in a pan. Add Cashew nuts, Dry grapes, Cardamom and Cloves, fry till Cashew nut turns into light brown color.
  3. Sugar syrup preparation: Heat Sugar and a cup of water in a vessel. Allow to boil till Sugar is completely dissolved in water and the syrup sticks in between the fingers.
  4. Making boondi: Heat Oil in pan on medium flame. Pour the batter over the perforated ladle(ladle with small round holes) and rub it with another ladle which makes the batter to fall through the ladle holes evenly. Do not over cook this. It should not be crispy. Drain this from oil and put it into the sugar syrup. Repeat the same for the whole batter. Now Boondi is ready.
  5. Making ladoo: Mix well the sugar syrup, boondi, 2 spoons of Ghee. Finally add the fried items(Cashew nuts, Dry grapes, Cardamom and Cloves) and make balls in warm stage.

Boondi ladoo sweet

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