Milk peda

Milk Peda, Doodh Pera, Milk Khoa


  • Milk – 4 cups
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup
  • Lime juice – 1 tspn
  • Corn flour or rice flour – 2 tspns(dissolved in water without any lumps )
  • Food color (optional)
  • Ghee – to grease
  • Any nuts (Cashew/Almond/Pistachios)


  1. Boil milk in a pan and stir once in a while to avoid burning the bottom.
  2. Approximately, after 1 hour the milk would be reduced to half. Then add lime juice, sugar and rice flour dissolved in water.
  3. Again Stir the milk for every 2 to 3 minutes. Once the milk starts to thicken, stir the mix continuously.
  4. Once the mix is almost thickened, remove from heat and allow this to cool.
  5. Grease your hands with little Ghee, then shape them into small balls and garnish with any nuts of your choice.

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